The most important factor to remember about anal sex is that it is completely secure, as long as you comply with some pretty uncomplicated guidelines. Of course, if you can hold these tips at heart, it can make a lot of difference in how cozy and gratifying your anal experience is.

– Get Preparation Right

The first thing to accomplish is to make sure you’re ready to have anal love-making. This can be done by making sure you’re correctly lubed and by cleaning off using a shower (or an unscented baby wipe, if possible) before heading out.

– Understand Your Desire

Before you start anal, take some time to think about what sensations you’re interested in exploring and why you want to have all of them, recommends sensual mentor Alicia Sinclair. This will help you stay in the moment and switched on, states.

– Get Your Partner Ready

When your partner is certainly new to anal, they might feel scared about the experience, so you should make an effort to calm them down by giving all of them some suggestions. This can contain explaining that anal sex is often really safe so long as you follow the guidelines in this article.

– Make Foreplay

Before your anal period begins, be sure you do some foreplay together with your partner to warm them up. This can contain teasing, rubbing, and squeezing their and can to help them chill out before you begin the penetration.

– Apply a generous amount of lubricant

The bag isn’t self-lubricating like the vaginal area, so you will need to apply a lot of lube before you start to avoid friction, which can trigger tearing inside the tissues in the anal canal. Even though generally, don’t forget to use a condom!



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