Finland is a gorgeous country which offers a superb range of places to visit for a affectionate break. The pristine organic environments are ideal for hanging out together and there are many great things to do inside the capital of Helsinki.

The perfect spot to see the Upper Lights

Probably the most popular places for viewing the Northern Lights in Finland is definitely the small , lake-front community of Kemi. It is very well located to watch the lights up to 200 night times per year. If you would like to stay through the night, you can rent a window villa that will provide you with all of the comforts of house while you await your chance to find the lights.


Generally associated with Xmas, Finnish Lapland is a social hub just where traditional farming and doing some fishing forums thrive. You can explore ancient villages, eat classic food and enjoy some of the most extraordinary landscapes in Finland.

A tucked away bunch of glass igloos in a significantly corner of Lapland is one of the best places to appreciate the Northern Lamps in Finland. Also you can go fruit picking and take a spa in a snow field in this gorgeous environment.


Finland’s earliest city and former capital, Turku is actually a thriving vacation spot that has were able to retain the fun even after getting rid of its subject in 1812. The Feel River weaves through the old streets and squares of this attractive city, making it the perfect spot to rest and have a number of beers while enjoying some Karelian pie.



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