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Welcome to COLATO, your partner in creating spaces that inspire and reflect your unique style. Our comprehensive range of services is designed to meet all your home transformation needs with precision and creativity.


Transform your home with our renovation and restoration services. From updating outdated spaces to preserving historical charm, we specialize in breathing new life into every corner of your home. Our experienced team meticulously plans and executes projects to ensure a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics.


Turn your dreams into reality with our remodeling expertise. Whether it’s a modern kitchen, a luxurious bathroom, or a complete home makeover, we bring innovative designs and skilled craftsmanship to every project. Collaborate with us to reimagine and redefine your living spaces.


Elevate your home’s curb appeal and interior ambiance with our painting services. Our skilled painters use premium materials and techniques to create flawless finishes. Choose from a spectrum of colors and let us transform your space with a fresh coat that stands the test of time.

Electrical Service

Illuminate your life with our electrical services. From installations to repairs, our expert electricians ensure your home remains well-lit, safe, and powered efficiently. Trust us for reliable solutions that prioritize both functionality and aesthetics.

Plumbing Solutions

Experience seamless water flow and functionality with our plumbing services. Our skilled plumbers handle everything from installations to repairs, ensuring your plumbing systems operate smoothly. Trust us to keep your home’s water systems in top condition.

Flooring Solutions

Step into a world of flooring possibilities. Our skilled craftsmen bring your vision to life with a variety of flooring options, from classic hardwood to modern tiles. Elevate your space with quality materials and expert installation.


Build the foundation of your dreams with our framing services. Our expert team constructs the structural skeleton of your project, providing stability and shape. Trust us to lay the groundwork for a solid and enduring structure.

Drywall Installation

Achieve smooth and flawless walls with our drywall installation services. Our skilled technicians handle everything from initial installation to finishing, ensuring a perfect canvas for your interior spaces.

Appliance Installation

Complete your space with seamless appliance integration. Our professionals specialize in the efficient and secure installation of appliances, from kitchen essentials to home systems. Let us handle the details for a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing home.

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